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Manfredo Quiros

Manfredo has served as a CASA volunteer for 1.5 years. He first learned about CASA online and decided to do a little research into the organization. What he learned inspired him to become a volunteer! Manfredo is originally from Puerto Rico and moved to the United States for college. He earned a Mechanical Engineering degree […]

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Cindy Trent

Cindy first heard about CASA when she attended the Farm to Fork event. She later received a newsletter that said, “You can be a model to the masses, but to have the most meaningful influence, you have to work with individuals" – and she took it as a sign and became a CASA volunteer. Cindy […]

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John House

John has served as a CASA volunteer for 10 years. He learned about CASA from Judge Pamela Addington, retired Hardin County family court judge. Once he realized how great the need was for volunteers, John gladly stepped up. John lives in Rineyville and his hobbies include backpacking and photography. He also has a 5th degree […]

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Michelle Berger

Michelle has been serving as a CASA volunteer for 1 and a half years. She became a CASA because she wanted to make a difference in the lives of children who have been placed in tough situations through no fault of their own. Michelle believes strongly in nurturing children because they are the future in […]

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Sandie Sharp

Sandie has been a CASA volunteer for 2 years. Sandie was nervous about volunteering at first, but after talking with her Volunteer Manager and her family, she signed up and says it has been the biggest blessing in her life. Sandie is married and volunteers on the CFCRB Board. She enjoys working with children and […]

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Larry has been a CASA volunteer for 5 years. Larry first heard about CASA after reading about the organization’s establishment in the News Enterprise. Since that day, Larry said becoming a volunteer was on his list of things to do once he retired. When he isn’t volunteering, Larry enjoys camping, fishing, and backyard astronomy. He […]

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LaAnna Mraz

LaAnna first heard about the local need of CASA volunteers through her church. "I have always loved children, so when I heard about the need in our community it touched my heart." Her favorite part about being a CASA volunteer is getting to know different children and doing something to make their lives a little […]

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Vicki Schmidt

Vicki has been a CASA volunteer for 12 years. She first heard about CASA from a friend and wanted to do her part to make positive impacts on the children in her community. Vicki encourages anyone interested in being a CASA to “give it a try!” Vicki is a mom to 3 grown guys and […]

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