June 20, 2024

Noisha Saunders

This month, we’re highlighting our volunteer, Noshia Saunders! 

Noshia has been a CASA volunteer since 2020. She learned about CASA when her son brought home a flyer from school, promoting an organizational fundraiser. She called our office to learn more and decided to become a volunteer!

Her favorite part of being a CASA is interacting with the children, even if it takes them a while to warm up. Noshia says that makes it all the more rewarding once their trust is gained.

“The kids we advocate for need a loving adult to consistently be in their corner, to be the light that shines for them and with them,” she said. 

Born in Wilmington, Delaware to a military family, Noshia grew up “all over” and served in the Army as a finance soldier. She has a daughter, 23, and a son, 14. She also loves to golf and volunteered at the recent 2024 PGA Championship in Louisville.  

We love our volunteers--they are the reason we are able to make such an impact on the lives of children in our community. Do you want to #ChangeAChildsStory? Learn more about becoming a CASA volunteer: casaheartland.org/volunteer

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