Volunteer- Friend of CASA Description

There are many ways to support CASA of the Heartland, including donating time and talent as well as serving as a board member, staff member, or volunteer advocate, or providing funding for administrative expenses. Situations routinely occur that require special training or expertise which the organization does not possess, which can be difficult and expensive to obtain. When this occurs, CASA of the Heartland turns to professionals and skilled individuals who donate their time and expertise by serving on committees, addressing special needs, providing guidance to the board of directors, or simply performing tasks that are beyond the ability of the organization to accomplish.

Friends of CASA donate their services to address these needs, which in turn are reported to the national organization and on the website as a way of recognizing their contributions in support of CASA of the Heartland. It is just as important to answer a single important question or render a professional opinion as it is to lead a project: therefore, any donation is accepted and appreciated, regardless of the time and effort required. Anyone interested in becoming a Friend of CASA is encouraged to contact the office at 270- 982-2272 or 270-982-2274 or contact us by email at casastaff+casaheartland+org.